Investment policy

Growth equity can be defined as (often minority) investments that help companies accelerate their growth via expansion, entering new markets, improving operations, or executing a strategic acquisition.

Who we work with

The companies we're looking at are often relatively mature, founder-owned, and market-leading with little or no prior institutional capital.

These companies have usually reached an inflection point where they require capital to scale an already sound business model. In some ways, growth equity (or growth/expansion capital) sits between private equity buyouts and venture capital.
These businesses usually have a unique competitive advantage, strong management teams, proven unit economics, positive cash flow, and substantial organic revenue growth (more than 10% and often more than 20% annually).
Lastly, these companies are usually EBITDA positive or expected to be in the next 12 to 18 months.

How we help

We provide expansion capital between 2 to 5 million euros, and our investment horizon is typically between 3 to 7 years.

In an ideal scenario, owners, existing management and us will form a successful partnership contributing complementary skills that help obtain superior operating results.
We'll bring financial acumen to the table, particularly experience optimizing capital structures, buying and selling businesses, and familiarity with capital markets. In addition, we have a broad network in both commercial and financial circles and experience in creating corporate governance structures in line with international best practices.

We are always an active, value-added investor, generally working with management on key objectives at the board level; whatever ownership position, we leave the day-to-day operations to you.

Regional focus

Our primary regional focus is Central and Eastern Europe. We are covering from our existing offices in Austria and Romania. Our vision is to be the most sought-after growth equity investor within this region.
We have been investing for over 20 years in the CEE region. We developed substantial expertise in consumer, financial services and technology, automotive, logistics and distribution, specialty chemicals. We will continue to leverage our extensive knowledge, experience, and network in these sectors and explore any industry that exhibits strong growth potential.

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