Our Team

Roland Haas
Founding Partner
CEO; 25+ years in PE
Vlad Busila
Managing Partner
15 years in Investment Banking
Bogdan Temneanu CFA
Investment Manager
7+ years in Big Four and Investing
Crina Stratan ACCA
Investment Analyst
3+ years in Big Four
Denisa Delalic
Vienna Office Manager

The managing partners of Mozaik have a long history in Private Equity that goes back to 1994

2018 — HKD is renamed to Mozaik Investments, starts full scale investment activities and offices are opened in Vienna, Bratislava and Bucharest, where Vlad Busila joined as Managing Partner.
2014 — The principals of HKK, Roland Haas and Juraj Koman together with Sacha Dragic, as investor, form HKD Partners who starts to invest in CE.
2010 — HKK invests with Sacha Dragic and creates the leading Central European betting and gaming group, Superbet.
2006 — HKK successfully exits the SPPF investments through SE listing and strategic exits and focuses it’s investment activities on own investments.
2002 — Senior Management purchases 100% of EFM and its holding company and renames group to HKK Partners.
2001 — Dave Williams (former CEO and Chairman of Alliance Capital) along with Senior Management purchases EFM from bank Austria and Alliance Capital. Company sells its listed equity and fixed income business and focuses on Private Equity in Central Europe.
2000 — EFM wins the tender against international competition to manage the EBRD sponsored Slovak Post Privatization Fund (SPPF) and opens it’s Slovak Office.
1996 to 2000 — EFM opens offices in Romania, Czech Republic and the Baltics.
1996 to 1999 — EFM launches alone or in partnership a variety of Private Equity Funds such as ILAB24, Czech Direct Equity Fund, Romanian Investment Fund, EBAI together with a variety of offshore and local Mutual Funds investing in Equity and Fixed Income Funds.
1996 — Alliance Capital purchases a 51% stake in EFM.
1994 — East Fund Management (EFM) founded as a subsidiary of GiroCredit a leading Austrian bank, to manage listed and unlisted investments in Central and Eastern Europe.

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