5 million euros investment plan allocated by Mozaik Investments to support the development of the Flavours group

Bucharest, April 26 2021: Despite the pandemic crisis, Mozaik Investments is signaling confidence and optimism in business and the HoReCa sector by signing a partnership with the Flavours group, backed by a €5 mil. investment plan for group expansion. Thus, the consolidation and growth strategy of the group continues for the next 2 years, by developing all the brands in the portfolio: Stradale - the fast-casual restaurant chain, Mitzu - the cafe chain opened in tandem with Stradale, and Flavours - the catering division of group, well-known landmarks in the HoReCa market, for the food & events segments.

"After such a difficult year, attracting a strong and stable partner, such as Mozaik Investments, was a strategic decision for the development of our business. As we have positioned ourselves since the appearance of the Flavours brand, we are trendsetters and we want to keep this quality. We are ready for the launch of new projects and the development of existing ones, so that we can continue our mission to become the food company no. 1 in Romania, the first option in the minds of customers who want to have lunch, enjoy a coffee or organize an event - whether we are talking about a private or a corporate one. And with Mozaik Investments by our side, our vision to become an integrated company, with a 360-degree business perspective in services, is much closer to being fulfilled", said Raluca Țeposu, CEO of Flavours Group.

Vision based on current trends

Strategic directions for the next period include digitization, so that everything is easier for customers - from ordering to restaurant time - and healthychoices - by creating a new production line with healthier menus & farm to table dishes.

"We are delighted with the partnership with Flavours Group. In addition to the brand's notoriety, for us it weighed heavily that they have an extraordinary team - with a core that has been working together for more than 10 years, and Mozaik invests primarily in the teams behind the brands. The level they have reached and the way they handled last year's crisis are clear examples that we are talking about a team with which we want to be many years from now. Put together with the existing future plans and with the stability, support and expertise that comes with Mozaik, we are convinced that the Flavors group will consolidate its leading position in HoReCa", added Vlad Bușilă, Managing Partner of Mozaik Investments.

The transaction was assisted by Mozaik Investments by Filip & Company for legal expertise and by Kreston Romania for financial and due diligence, and by Flavours by Țuca Zbârcea & Asociații.

11 new units are preparing to be opened in the next 2 years

Stradale currently has 14 locations, one of which is in Cluj-Napoca and the rest in Bucharest, the most recent being in the Edenland amusement park, a location for the general public. Another 6 units are to be opened by 2023, in Bucharest, Cluj and Timisoara. Mitzu, the concept of a café detached from Stradale, currently has 13 locations, with plans to reach 18 by 2023, including a flagship location in RecordPark, in Cluj-Napoca.

‍Investment of 1 million euros in the catering division

For Flavours, the umbrella brand for the entire company, a major investment is planned - of approximately €1 mil - in the development of the logistics area, in technology, but also in the training of the teams.

About Flavours Group

Flavours was born in 2002, as a catering company that delivers food, under the signature of Chef Foa, as it was no longer in Romania. And because each delivery was an event in itself, no menu resembled another, and the tailor-made events division naturally developed. Thus, Flavours began to deliver a 360 experience for all the senses. Flavours has locations in Bucharest and Cluj, and deliveries can be made throughout the country. Flavours hosted over 5,000 events and reached over 2 million customers.

Out of the desire to reach as many romanians as possible and improve their lunch experience, in 2015, Stradale appeared and, for the first time, lunch in an office building, school or public institution came with a complete experience - superior quality of ingredients, memorable taste, the set-up of an evening restaurant and the atmosphere of a food festival. Stradale currently has 14 restaurants open and is present in type A office buildings, in Bucharest and Cluj, in private schools, but also in institutions such as the US Embassy.

From a well-known cake in Bucharest, Mitzu has become a place where you can enjoy a specialty coffee, sweets and homemade sandwiches. Mitzu is present in the same locations as Stradale, counting 13 locations, in type A office buildings, in Bucharest, in private schools, but also in institutions such as the US Embassy and the Romanian Senate.

About Mozaik Investments

Mozaik Investments is an investment fund that was born in 2019 through the partnership between a successful entrepreneur, Sacha Dragic, a veteran in private equity, Roland Haas, and a former M&A banker, Vlad Bușilă, and which and which has several private investors, both local and regional. Mozaik aims to invest in companies with high growth potential by offering capital and financial know-how in exchange for a minority stake. The amounts invested vary between 1 and 5 million euros, and the investment period can reach 10 years. The fund covers Central and Eastern Europe through its two local offices in Vienna and Bucharest.

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