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5 to go reached the top 10 coffee chains in Europe

5 to go occupies the 10th place in the European top of coffee chains in 2021, according to the annual ranking developed by Food Service, Europe & Middle East, launched in October 2022. Furthermore, 5 to go recorded the second most spectacular growth in Europe in absolute number of opened locations with 107 new coffee shops opened during a year, accounting for 44.6% increase compared to the previous year, when it was ranked 12th.

This growth translates into a market share of 48.7% in the coffee chain segment in Romania for 2021. The pace of sustained growth was also maintained during 2022 when 5 to go exceeded 400 locations nationally, with an average of new 16 coffee shops opened every month. The forecasts show that, by the end of 2022, the group turnover will reach 24 million EUR, almost double compared to the previous year and almost 4 times higher than the 2020 turnover.

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