5 To Go Moves Forward To 9th Position In Europe’s Top Coffee Shops

5 to go has advanced to 9th place in the European top of coffee shops for 2022, according to the annual ranking recently published by Food Service, Europe & Middle East, being the brand with the highest absolute growth in the number of locations in Europe.

This exceptional performance brings 5 to go an extremely valuable positioning, alongside the most important competitors in the coffee industry, with tradition and a remarkable presence worldwide, such as McCafé, Costa Coffee, and Starbucks.

With the steady development of the franchise system, which now counts 270 partners, 5 to go has reached a total of 500 coffee shops opened locally, 84 of which are opened in 2023 alone, and is already present with at least one location in 105 cities in Romania, thus covering 40% of the country.

“Since the launch of 5 to go, we have first aimed to become a benchmark for Romanian customers; and then, through constant development and increasing brand awareness, in the local and international coffee industry. This positioning, after only 8 years on the market, and the fact that we are steadily advancing in the top of the European coffee chains, puts us where we want to be, on the list of strong brands, with a solid performance and a winning strategy, in line with current trends.” said Radu Savopol, co-founder of 5 to go.

In the coming period, 5 to go continues its expansion plans and is targeting new international markets. Two new coffee shops will soon be opened in Hungary, bringing the total number of coffee shops opened in this country to 4, while a branch is planned to open in Bratislava, Slovakia in early 2024, where the brand is starting an ambitious project of 50 locations over 4 years.

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