Flavors has prepared 6,000 creative menus for the UNTOLD team and artists

Bucharest, September 22, 2021: Flavors has once again provided the delicious portion of culinary energy for the artists and the UNTOLD team, the largest music festival in Romania. As part of the development strategy announced earlier this year, the Flavors group continues to collaborate with major events in Romania, with UNTOLD being already a constant partner. 2021 is the third year in which the Flavors group, through the Cluj-Napoca division, provided catering for the team and artists present at UNTOLD, including names such as Paul Van Dyk, Afrojack, David Guetta, The Script, Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix, Ofenbach or Lost Frequencies.

This large-scale project required 3 months of preparation on the part of Flavors, for a thorough organization of the event from a culinary point of view. In total, for the 530 people among the artists and over 600 members of the UNTOLD staff, the team of 10 chefs prepared 6,000 menus, the equivalent of 7.5 tons of finished food, of 11 tons of staple. Given the specifics and energy needs of the team, the meal was delivered daily for a month, and consisted of street food, under the signature of Stradale. All dishes were created according to the vision and values ​​of the Flavors group: with natural, seasonal ingredients, without additives or flavor enhancers.

"The deployment of our forces was in line with the festival. We thought of not only super tasty menus, but also meant to provide energy and be nourishing enough for those in the production and implementation team ", said Chef Foa, coordinator of the Flavors and Stradale team and the artisan of the menu. "In such an event, energy consumption is fabulous and food is fuel. That's why it was an interesting challenge for us to design the perfect dishes for their needs. "
‍Sarmale and eggplant salad, among the favorites of international artists

The complete sensory experience that the Flavors team set out to offer was a success, as evidenced by the artists' own preferences. The menu for the 4 days was built taking into account the preferences of previous years, with the desire to highlight the traditional cuisine, with small additions from the international one. The most popular dishes on the menu were sarmalele, Slow Cooked Pork Leg, Butter Chicken and eggplant salad, but also goulash and trout brine. For dessert, the stars were cheesecake, fluffy homemade chocolate and brownie.

"The dishes we create are always accompanied by a spectacular design, thought out in the smallest detail to create a complete picture - appearance, taste, flavor. After the previous edition we created the buffet from a transparent wall, to take the show to the dining area, this year we wanted to bring a corner of nature in the middle of the city, created by the UNTOLD team. Thus, the room in the area dedicated to artists was filled with flowers, and each dish on the menu was mounted around a plant ", explains Chef Foa.
"Our partnership with UNTOLD honors us and motivates us to be better every year. The fact that we have been thinking about menus for some of the greatest artists in the world for several years now is proof that we do very well what we do. Even after this complicated period for the events industry and HoReCa, Flavors manages to continue its business strategy by developing existing projects and implementing new ones. We have become accustomed to our clients with novelties, and international experiences, whether we are talking about collaborations with experts from other countries or partnerships such as the one with UNTOLD, are what determine us to always be innovative ", said Constantin Covaliu, Managing Partner Flavors West.

Flavors' extensive expertise is an important factor in the success of coordinating large-scale projects, such as festivals with thousands of menus, approached with creativity and professionalism. The almost 20 years of experience in the catering segment are complemented by the talent and passion that define the team coordinated by Chef Foa, so that the result is always spectacular.

About Flavours Group

Flavors was born in 2002, as a catering company that delivers food like no other in Romania, under the signature of Chef Foa. And because each delivery was an event in itself and no menu resembled another, the tailor-made events division also developed naturally. Thus, Flavors began to deliver a 360 experience for all the senses. Flavors has divisions in Bucharest and Cluj, and deliveries can be made throughout the country.

Out of the desire to reach as many Romanians as possible and improve their lunch experience, in 2015 Stradale appeared and, for the first time, lunch in an office building, school or public institution came with a complete experience - superior quality of ingredients , memorable taste, the setting of an evening restaurant and the atmosphere of a food festival. Stradale currently has 16 restaurants open and is present in type A office buildings in Bucharest and Cluj, in private schools, but also in institutions such as the US Embassy.

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