Pago app launches the vignette and Fetesti bridge toll payment

Pago, the Romanian app through which more than 12 million utility bills worth more than 1.6 billion lei were paid, launches the vignette and Fetesti bridge toll payments without any additional fees.

Unlike other online payment methods on the market, Pago payment of vignettes and bridge tolls is faster while the data is saved for future payments after the first payment has been made. The process is facilitated through a direct integration with CNAIR (National Road Infrastructure Administration Company within the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure), while proof of payment is immediately received by email. Additionally, Pago allows for the user to be notified before the vignette expiry.

Each vignette or tax purchased will also bring Pago Points, which can be used to partially or fully pay bills, card top-ups or insurance as well as vignettes and bridge tolls.

Vignette payment is available for all Pago users (on Android, iOS or Huawei phones). The Fetesti bridge toll payment is currently available for Android and Huawei users, while the iOS users will be able to benefit from this services in the upcoming weeks.

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