2015, Romania


Radu Savopol, Lucian Badila

partnered with Mozaik:




5 to go was founded in 2015 by Radu Savopol and Lucian Badila and by 2019 it already became the biggest coffee chain in Eastern Europe and also the most accessed franchise in Romania. Under the slogan „Smile, there’s coffee!”, the company is offering good coffee and healthy snacks in a warm and friendly atmosphere to more than 25,000 clients every day. We partnered up with the company in December of 2019 with the clear goal to take 5 to go in the top 10 coffee chains in Europe.

I've never said big words about us, because I wanted to let the facts show that our business can develop and grow so nicely. We want to keep improving our business model and I would like to thank our partners from Mozaik for helping us take this venture to the next level, becoming a regional champion." Radu Savopol

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